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Tight Arrangements & 8 Must-Know Vocal Chains

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On this page I share 2 exclusive, FREE lessons, which I've never shared on YouTube.

One of these ("Tight Arrangements") I only shared once with a few, select people. 

The other ("8 Must Know Vocal Chains") is completely new, never before seen material.

These are both part of a larger module, so if questions come up,

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Video 1: Intro & Free lesson from GROOVE: Tight Arrangements

*some notes:

  • In this video I mention the 3 Pillars of Songwriting. Basically, it's just another name for the three main elements of the Songwriting Circle.
  • You can download the GROOVE Trimester Roadmap here
  • We have found that offering two livestreams a week didn't really help our students any more than simply one livestream per week. In short, HSA now comes with one, not two, livestream every week.

Free lesson from PITCH: 8-Must Know Vocal Chains

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