About the Author Friedemann Findeisen

I’m Friedemann Findeisen, a creative weirdo from the middle of nowhere. I love making things, learning things and helping people. If I don’t make, I get restless. If I don’t learn, I feel empty. If I don’t help, I feel ungrateful. Good things have happened when I managed to balance all three.

In the past, I’ve been a magician, public speaker, music video director, songwriter, producer, board game designer, author, publisher, YouTuber, music profiler, illustrator, musician and film composer.

The best things I've ever made are Holistic Songwriting Academy, my book The Addiction Formula, the YouTube show The Artists Series, my Grunge album Canohead and my board game Cantaloop.

  • This is Brilliant! Well done! Brings things in for me coming from a Patt Patterson background of songwriting thinking.

  • As all of your stuff, this one is very inspiring! It actually provokes to come up with something creative. I used my own infographics and schemes to come up with a lyric idea. In my previous song it took me 5 pages of searching for subject and structure prior to laying down the actual lyrics.

  • This is very impressive and inspiring. Thankyou for doing this. <3

    I have tried sending myself the link via mail but it didn't quite arrive yet. Could you please attempt sending me the lyric canvas on mail? Thankyou so much 🙂

  • How this can apply to a genre like latin Reggaeton? This genre has the song “Despacito” in the ears of all the world and is 1st place in over 50 countries.
    Usually Reggaeton has many verses, often many chorus, and sometimes the singer never stops in the whole song.
    The Addiction Formula applies here? is it a strange pattern? Reggaeton has about 30 years as the most listened genre in latin countries, Daddy Yankee is the most prominent Reggaeton artist and is the 5fth artist most streamed on soundclud.
    Could you please give an analysis?

    • Sorry I meant to say: Daddy Yankee is the 5th artist most streamed artist on Spotify

      • I think I can tell why. It’s not about the content. It’s about the way the singer or rapper says it. Lots of words or phrases with hot and violent content that represents the voice of a huge part of a community, that also comunicate that way. The rhythm used in such music adds the violent feel of women being possessed by the macho. So, I think we could talk later about music 🙂

  • Hello, How does one contact you, I can’t watch my tutorials….

    “thanks” Mads

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