My biggest challenge is probably finishing songs. Little projects get started, but then it’s like I can never settle on details, and get too picky with it, thus spending too much time on them and giving up after a while. This in turn affects my ability to START projects. Not sure what can be done to help. – Jackson Foster (1:19)

I’m currently studying music in High School. I really enjoy writing songs, however I’m not too sure on where to start to actually sound any good. I think my main question is, should I write my lyrics first, the chords or the melody? – Claire (5:25)

My main struggle is since i have had Severe depression for 7 years now most of my lyrics are either sad, about depression or about death. My main goal with this is to write uplifting lyrics, to help people in the same or a similar situation to me. – Athena (8:59)

My greatest challenge in songwriting currently is balancing my enjoyment for it vs treating it like a job, as I would like to make music for a career. How do you preserve your passion for writing when doing it even when you don’t feel like it? – Jordan (13:45)

Do you think we have to have experienced at least something similar to what we write about to be authentic or can someone still come across as authentic when they make something up entirely? – Paul (16:51)

About the Author Friedemann Findeisen

I’m Friedemann Findeisen, a creative weirdo from the middle of nowhere. I love making things, learning things and helping people. If I don’t make, I get restless. If I don’t learn, I feel empty. If I don’t help, I feel ungrateful. Good things have happened when I managed to balance all three.

In the past, I’ve been a magician, public speaker, music video director, songwriter, producer, board game designer, author, publisher, YouTuber, music profiler, illustrator, musician and film composer.

The best things I've ever made are Holistic Songwriting Academy, my book The Addiction Formula, the YouTube show The Artists Series, my Grunge album Canohead and my board game Cantaloop.

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