Unlock your ears. Seriously.

There is so much going on in the music around you that you're not hearing. That you're missing. That you're not using in your own songs... How about we change that.

Hear Melody, Harmony & Rhythm in 30 Days!

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    You'll never need to ask for chords again

    Today will be the last time you'll have to ask or google the chords to a piece of music. From now on, you'll just HEAR what everyone is playing.

  • 2

    Listen deeper, analyze better, understand what you're hearing.

    What if there was a database of songwriting techniques out there waiting to be tapped? Well, you don't need to wait: Every song is a living, breathing database, and with this challenge, you're getting the tools to enter.

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    Listen like a pro, become a more musical writer

    With great ears comes great responsibility. The more you're able to hear, the better you'll be able to write.

Here's how it works

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    Join the 30 day challenge

    Hit the orange button below, make an account and purchase the course.

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    Download and start!

    Download a zip file with all 30 audio files and get started right away! Proceed at your own speed.

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    Come out a more musical songwriter

    Hear what your band members are doing. Hear what the masters are doing. Hear what YOU are doing.

Looking forward to working with you,

P.S. Still on the fence? There is also a 30 day guarantee on this offer, so if you went through the challenge and don't feel like it impacted your listening skills in a meaningful way, let me know and I'll reimburse you. In other words: You have absolutely nothing to lose.