The 7 Day Hit Song Program

Daily Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Write A Hit Song In 7 Days Or Less

Get ready to write your best song yet...

Create a memorable hit worthy song in 7 days!

Is this you?

...Your biggest dream is to write songs that everyone wants to listen to. You want your music playing on the radio, on television and on huge concerts in front of thousands of people.

...You want people to hug you on the street and tell you how much your music means to them. You want to tour the world with the music you love.

...You want to be able to write one hit song after another, for the greatest artists in the world.

The problem is:

You‘re STUCK.

You instinctively know that you‘re a good songwriter but you don‘t know how to get to the next level.

You may have tried various schools and online programs or maybe you just watched a ton of youtube tutorials, but somehow you feel like you‘re not making any progress. When you started learning about songwriting everything was new, now you barely learn anything anymore.

After a while you just assume that there‘s nothing out there that can help you. So you continue doubting your choices. Some songs turn out good, others not so much. You feel the millions of songwriters on the planet breathing down your neck. How in the world are you ever gonna get better at this?

Now imagine having a friend who has written hundreds of songs in his life, who‘s music has been featured on Far Cry, Apple products and Cannes Film Festival, who‘s performed on prime time television and live in front of over 300,000 people.

Imagine this friend said the following to you:

"You know what? I see some issues with your songwriting - how about we get together every morning for one week and I help you out? Even better, let's write a whole song together! I will show you my exact approach and how you can do it without changing your unique sound" 

Wouldn‘t that be a complete game changer for you?

...Well, this is exactly what this course is!


the 7 day hit song program 

The 7 Day Hit Song Program is a daily audio program that gives you clear instructions so you can write your best songs yet. You put it on every morning, listen to the session of the day, I tell you all you need to know and you get to work.

What You'll Discover...

Over 1,5 hours of content that WILL take your songwriting to the next level


The Rubin Rule

…and how it will make your songs 5x better (Yes, GUARANTEED! I learned this simple trick from hit producer Rick Rubin and it is my favorite writing technique of all time!)


Modern Lyrics

3 pro tips on lyric-writing (with a focus on what’s changed in the past 20 years) that will make your songs sound like they were actually written in this century.


Writer's Block

Learn about THE tool to prevent writers block that works every time. Deviously simple but this tool is the most valuable asset on my computer.

Here's what you'll get...

1 hit song
in 7 days

This will be your  next step in becoming a hit songwriter


Day 0: Prep Work

Here we'll talk about the preparations you need to make to make the upcoming week your most productive and effective one yet in terms of songwriting. Set yourself up for succes with Priming


Day I: Hooks

During day one you will discover how to come up with the best hook material you have written so far. We'll also answer the question "music or lyrics first?"


Day II: Demo

You'll see how to turn your catchy hooks into a solid demo. And we'll talk about why writing on your instrument is KILLING your creativity and what to do about it.


Day III: Song Template

On the third day, we are going to take a look at how you can turn your demo into a real song. And write your best choruses with the rule of 5.


Day IV: Verses

How to write melodies and lyrics the way the big hit songwriters write them - think Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Sia. Learn how to write lyrics that get your audience to feel a strong connection with  your song.


Day V: Recordings

When day five has arrived, we are going to make sure your singer delivers her best performance possible. This will be done using the 4 phases fo working with a singer.


Day VI: Lyric-Less Storytelling

You'll learn how to tell a story with your song with the techniques from the Addiction Formula. Captivate your audience and see how to guide them through your song.


Part VII: Mix

On the final day you are going to finish your song. At this point you will have written something that you are truly proud of, and didn't know you were able to a week ago. You will also learn the 5 steps of editing and the 5 steps of mixing.


+ FREE BONUS: Motivation Boost File

If you‘re ever feeling like you don‘t want to finish the program, this will put you back into action.


+ FREE BONUS: 7 Day Hit Song Program eBook

This ebook summarizes some of the key points from the audio program. This is perfect if you want to repeat the program but you don‘t want to spend too much time listening to the whole program again. The eBook comes with summaries and concrete action steps to take each day.

About The Course Teacher,
Friedemann Findeisen

Friedemann Findeisen (*1989, BMus) is a creator, songwriting coach and public speaker. After jumping onto the scene in 2015 with his best-selling book "The Addiction Formula", today he is best known for his YouTube channel "Holistic Songwriting" and the Artists Series. 

To this point, the YouTube channel has gathered over 370K subscribers and a total of 10M views, making it one of the biggest songwriting channels in the world. Friedemann is also the creator of "The Songwriting Decks", a new inspiration tool for songwriters which overfunded by 230% on Kickstarter. Friedemann is a sought-after guest speaker at music conventions and tours Europe with his masterclasses on Structuring Songs and Getting Things Made. 

In his free time, he designs board games that tell stories, invents escape rooms and writes music. His 2020 debut album "Subface", which he released under his artist name "Canohead" has been labeled the "Album of the Year" by the Nu Metal scene.

Friedemann lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife Joanna and their cat Lyric.

This is what songwriters say about Holistic Songwriting...

taught me that I too can find my own voice with confidence

Weslay hibberd - writer

Having failed many times at writing a song I am happy with I have found that perseverance and sound guidance from Friedemann has reconfigured my approach and led me to achieve results I love. I enjoy the songwriting process, and Friedemann has taught me that the methods adopted by many great songwriters I admire are not transcendent and I too can find my own voice with confidence. Friedemann inspired me to use songwriting methods as tools rather than blueprints to communicate mine.

opened a new world for me

steve b -


Friedemann opened a new world for me with his approach to songwriting and singing the initial lyrics. Skeptical at first, not really a singer. I tried it and was amazed at the increased production and improvement in my songs. And, many of his tools are also very helpful and time savers too. Now the band is heading to the studio to record enough for a first EP. I couldn't have done it without his guidance.

helped me expand beyong being a rap artist

moreno muanza -


I started rapping when I was fourteen and today I'm twenty one. I left College 2-3 years ago to pursue music full time. I had the confidence and vision to become a professional artist but there were skills and information I KNEW I was missing. I read every and any songwriting book I can get my hands on and any music theory book I can find. I've been going to music conventions for years... to become a professional,  I knew I needed guidance or a coach. Holistic Songwriting helped me expand beyond being a rap artist. I studied and bought every product holistic songwriting has ever created. My testimonial for holistic songwriting is me releasing three EP'S and one twelve song mixtape. Holistic songwriting gave me the perspective and creativity to make four musical projects & SIX music video's. My goal is to be a platinum selling artist and I know holistic songwriting can make me that Artist.

changed my life and it's thanks to your education

asia ward -


My name is Asia Ward and I graduated last May with a degree in musical theatre, but nowadays, I produce, write, and sing songs for myself and other people. The only way that transition was possible was because of your courses. I started making music for fun after musical theatre didn't work out, but had no direction on where to start. With your guidance, my older songs were selected to win a slot in Tayla Parx's songwriting/production camp in NYC with people like Tommy Brown, Sarah Hudson, Ali Thompson, Normani, and more were in attendance. It changed my life and it's thanks to your education. You are able to break down giant ideas into a language I understand.

my single has gained over 500K streams

eric ryan -

recording artist

Once I found your videos on youtube & purchased your audiobook, it taught me a variety of tools that I could use to formulate/create the structures of my songs... Some of which now have over hundreds of thousands of streams across my platforms! 

I love the way you break knowledge/music concepts down to level where "music theory" isn't needed to understand. The way you teach these concepts are in a fun/easy to take in sort of way if that makes sense... I see you as like the "cool/fun" teacher that everyone had in school. 

Thanks to holistic songwriting, the tools I learned helped me structure & arrange all of my music including my single „Soleil“ which has gained over 500K streams/plays across all my platforms combined!!

broke me out of the box I was in for 20 years

ehrich weiss -


I'm a hobbyist songwriter and musician of over 30 years looking to improve my skills in writing lyrics, melody and rhythms for my songs. Holistic Songwriting has broken me out of the little box I had been occupying in my musical journey and given me a new direction for my ideas, and especially one I've had for almost 20 years but was going nowhere.


Get started now for just


Yes, you've read it correctly... This isn't a typo

This program will only cost you $7. SEVEN DOLLARS! We didn't forget to put a 0 behind the 7 (although you will at least get $70 worth of value here....)


Why so cheap?

I want to make this a no-brainer for you. I know you will love this program and I‘m convinced that you will want to tell your friends about it, too. Just to be clear: This is not some half-assed program I made in a couple of hours. This is a full, complete course for serious songwriters and I genuinely want you to have it!

I‘m afraid I won‘t finish the Program.

I know it can be quite the commitment to do a program for 7 days, so every session ends with some words on motivation, making sure you do the program the next day. If you‘re still not feeling motivated to start, this program comes with a 14-minute Motivation Boost File with 4 killer motivational techniques to get you going again. In the prepping session, I also explain the $100 technique, which – if you follow it – will GUARANTEE you finish the program.

Will following the program cost me all day?

I realize that you have other stuff to do, so this program was designed so you still have time for your regular activities. Depending on how efficient you work, each session can be completed within 2-8 hours (It is possible to complete the entire program in 2 days). If necessary, you can also split the sessions in two.

Do I need to know music theory?

There is just one technique in this program that uses some very basic music theory. If you know what intervals are, you‘ll be fine – and that you can learn on youtube in 5 minutes.

Do I have to finish the program within a week or can I take days off?

Doing the 7 days within one week is recommended, but it IS possible to take one or two days off in between sessions. All of this is explained in the program.

What kind of gear do I need and what are some low-cost examples?

This is only important if you are interested in producing your song as well. You will need: A DAW such as Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live or Pro Tools, An Audio Interface, like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 or an RME Babyface, A Condenser Microphone, such as the Rode NT1-A, Speakers, such as a pair of Adam F7s, A Singer (I recommend NOT singing yourself for the purposes of this program), A Recording Device, e.g. a smartphone or tape recorder

I don‘t really write pop music, is this program still for me?

This program revolves around commercial songwriting with a focus on Pop music (such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Sia, etc), but this doesn‘t mean that songwriters in other commercial styles won‘t profit from it. If you write in one of the following styles I whole-heartedly recommend this program: Dance, Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Metal. I do NOT recommend you buy the program if you write Old-School Jazz or Ambient Music.

I‘m STILL not sure if this is for me. Is there some kind of guarantee?

There is! If you feel like this program doesn‘t deliver as advertised, you can take advantage of my awesome 30-day guarantee and get your 7 bucks back, no questions asked. Naturally, you get to keep the ENTIRE program even if I return your money to you.

What are you waiting for? 

Get off your couch and spend the next 7 days transforming your songwriting


Holistic Songwriting