Welcome to the digital world of the Addiction Formula.

This is where you can explore the techniques from the book on a deeper level, listen to the examples and dive deeper into the concepts.

1) Before you do anything else:

Download my most popular songwriting tool EVER, the Lyric Canvas (free)!

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The Addiction Formula is catching on in the high fashion industry.

2) Listen to the Hit Songs

Listen to the techniques in action and see how the biggest artists in the world use them

Here's all of the examples from the book in one place. Open up the official Spotify playlist with the button below and listen to the songs while you're reading. This playlist was created by one of my readers, Bert Callens. Thanks, Bert! 🙂

Pro Tip:

Appreciative nods while reading turn you into a smarter person.

3) Download the Examples

Get my own productions to help you understand the principles in tAF better

If you own the audio book of the Addiction Formula, these are not gonna be new to you, but if you want to spend a little more time analyzing my examples, you've come to the right place.

Hard Fact:

Owning 3 copies of tAF automatically makes you a good songwriter.

4) Check out these cool Graphs

If you only have the audio version, definitely get this - it includes all the graphics from the book.

Includes: Energy Curves, Hype, Tension & Implied Tension, Templates, Transitions, Handy Hype Cheat Sheets for the different Instruments