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Widely Used Formula

“How the Addiction Formula Can Transform Your Songs Into Audience Magnets Step-By-Step”

Let me ask you something (and please be honest here): 

…Are you scared shitless of not being able to make a living with your music? Of not being able to support a family or pay off your debts and rent?

…What if it turns out that your songs aren’t good enough? What if no one “gets” your music? Or worse: What if no one even hears your songs?

…What if you fail? What if you have to admit to yourself that being a professional songwriter just isn’t cut out for you? What if you have to work at Burger King for the rest of your life?

…What would your friends say? What would your parents say? What would those guys from high school who always doubted you say? What would it mean to you?

These are some of the questions that haunted me back when I started my songwriting studies. All bridges were burned, no way back, I was doing this. My life was about music now.

Of course, everyone had told me I shouldn’t. 

Artists starve, everyone knows that. But I believed in my songs, KNEW I could do it if I tried hard enough. I had been writing songs for various bands for the past 5 years. I felt confident.

But then I met the other music students. And I realized I wasn’t as great a songwriter as I had thought. I might’ve been the best from everyone I knew back in my home town, but here…

Friedemann Findeisen

Songwriting Coach

If I’m not even the best songwriter in the ROOM, how can I be one of the best songwriter in the WORLD? How am I ever going to work with the artists I want to work with so badly?

This hit me hard. All of a sudden, my dreams seemed destroyed. I was going to die an insignificant, lonely death, humilated and ashamed. I felt like a loser.

But then one day, SOMETHING HAPPENED.

We had a hit songwriter/producer do a guest lecture for us. We all showed him our songs and got our feedback. The guy listened (usually until the second verse), stopped the song and began with his feedback.

Then we got to my song. And something strange happened: He didn’t stop the recording. The whole class listened to he entire song.

When it was over, nobody said a word, the song still hanging in the air. Even the producer was quiet for another couple of seconds (which felt like minutes) before he said “Wow…”

(By the way, my song wasn’t even overly short – quite the contrary actually, it was over 4,5 minutes. And it certainly wasn’t my production skills either – I was definitely the worst producer in the class)

There was something about that song. I didn’t know it then, but in my five autodidactic years before my studies I had taught myself an approach to songwriting that none of my colleagues knew about.

I never saw this approach anywhere else, but I heard it in literally every hit song of the past 25 years. Without knowing it, I had found a rule of hit songwriting.

It has been my secret ever since and I now use it systematically to captivate my audience. I call this technique “Lyric-Less Storytelling” and it plays a huge part in my Songwriting Circle:

Arc & Energy (in the upper left corner) are what Lyric-Less Storytelling is all about.

The first time I consciously used this formula in a song, I immediately won an award with it (two years in a row, actually). And after that, everything happened rather quickly:

My music went to Cannes Film Festival, I played HUGE festivals in front of over 100,000 people, performed on prime-time television, wrote for Ubisoft and Apple, and worked for Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira), René Merkelbach (Within Temptation) and Jeff Rona (God of War).

Look, I don’t mean to brag, but I want to show you that this formula actually works. Using Lyric-Less Storytelling in your songs will give you a clear advantage over 99.9% of the writers out there.

And it’s not some weird “breathe through your third eye” mumbo jumbo either. This is a practical, easy-to-use technique you can use today.

When I first taught this technique to a friend, she was so excited she immediately told me to put it in a book. I was reluctant at first but she kept pushing. And what began as a favor slowly turned into a fascinating ride.

And now, a couple years later, I can show you the results in my book “the Addiction Formula”. I call it that because that’s exactly what it is to me: A secret formula for making an audience grow addicted to your songs.

The Addiction Formula went on to become a bestselling book on Amazon and even years after it's come out, it's still selling well, and I still get emails from people about it.

So This Is About Hook-Writing, Then?

Actually, far from it. Captivating an audience has nothing to do with hooks. This is a common misconception amongst songwriters, but

Hooks don’t actually hook.  

Read that sentence again, because it is important: Hooks don’t hook. They may be useful for other things, like memorability, but they don't grab your attention.

Why do you think A&Rs only listen to the first 15 seconds of a song to see if they can sell it? They turn your song off before they even HEAR your hook! They are listening for Production, Up-To-Date-Ness and… Lyric-Less Storytelling.

Here are some of the secrets you will learn inside:

• How to write that certain kind of addictive song that turns listeners into fans, fans into SUPERFANS and superfans into buyers – p.50-69
• Learn the most popular form in the world and how the best songwriters use it. This is a master class in writing the perfect pop song – p.70-96
• The new face of lyrics and why thinking about them the old way makes it so hard for you to come up with something great – p.165-187
• How production has woven its way into modern songwriting and how to use it to make your songs STAND OUT – p.188-197
• Learn my most valuable tools when writing a hit song: hype, tension & implied tension – p.43, 44-46, 110-115
• How your workflow is screwing up your results and what to do instead – p.25-31
• Learn how Hollywood has been captivating its audiences for DECADES and how this principle can be used in songwriting – p.70-81
• How to create your own, original techniques that you can use in a song TODAY (this is the only songwriting book in the world teaching this) – p.202-205
• How to use the Addiction Formula in 10 simple steps – p.210-214
• A psychological tactic you can use in any song to make it INSTANTLY appealing to any audience – p.34-38
• The MAGICAL bond of space and implied tension when writing a melody that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats – p.142-143
• How to write lyrics for 2nd verses EASY and without wasting time – p.179-187
• How to keep your audience’s attention during the most boring section of every song: the second verse – p.114-115
• Learn the 10 most popular chords in hit songs and how to use them effectively in a section -p.118-122
• How to use Broken Flow and Contrary Movement to write some of the coolest drum tracks you’ve ever heard – p.128-129
• A KILLER arrangement technique to sending your song’s energy through the roof – p.133-135
• How the 5 vocal modes are used in modern hit writing – p.136-138
• The 4 vocal effects your singer can use to DRAMATICALLY increase the addiction factor of your song – p.138-139
• How to write engaging parts for guitar & bass, using its 9 picking styles, 11 modes and 12 natural effects – p.145-153
• The 7 drum modes and 4 playing styles you can use to write a drum part your drummer will enjoy playing – p.157-161
• How the Pareto Principle can be used to write better lyrics – p.171-172
• How to match up your song’s energy levels with your lyrics – p.165-167
• How to figure out your song’s power positions using the 1-2-3 rule – p.167-170
• Why telling a story with lyrics is not as strong as using structural tension – p.172-176
• Be able to tell if a lyric uses structural tension from across the room – p.178-179
• How to write lyrics EFFORTLESSLY and step-by-step – p.179-187
• How Layering, Compression, Filters, Chorusses, Distortion, Volume Automation, Stereo Enhancing Effects, SFX and Delays can be used creatively in songwriting – p.189-195
• In fact, how ANY plugin can become a valuable tool in your songwriting tool box  – p.205
• Figure out when to end or begin a section with the 1-2-3 rule – p.53-56
• The 3 key reasons why your audience turns off your songs and when – p.207-209

So what is this book all about?

• It is NOT another book with random songwriting techniques. If you’re looking for another “quick fix”, you’re in the wrong place. The Addiction Formula describes a new, holistic approach to writing that will literally transform your songs into audience magnets.
• It is NOT another book on hooks or creativity. This is all everyone seems to be writing about. Unfortunately, most of what you read is either shallow or so in-depth that it loses all connection to practice.
• It is NOT another book teaching you what a pre-chorus is. I can’t even count the amount of times I read this in a book. I KNOW WHAT A PRE-CHORUS IS, stop treating me like a child who’s never written a song before.
• It is NOT another book giving you rules that can always be broken. How many times have you heard something like  ”A hook is always the highest in pitch… well, not always, there’s exceptions of course”. What kind of a rule is THAT? The Addiction Formula focuses on a principle that has been used in every hit song of the past 25 years, no exceptions.
• It is NOT another book using techniques & examples from the 60s. This is still bugging the hell out of me: There seems to be not one modern songwriting book out there. Everyone keeps talking about Gladys Knight and the Beatles. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Beatles, but they wrote songs TWO GENERATIONS AGO!

The Addiction Formula is NOT for you if...

Please make sure none of these apply before buying the book:


  • You’re already selling songs like crazy. Hey, don’t fix what ain’t broke. If you are already making a living off of writing and selling songs, you probably won’t need this book. But if you’re interested in improving your songs even further and how to make them virtually irresistible then I highly recommend checking it out. You will love what you learn in Part I of this book!
  • Songwriting is just a hobby for you (like knitting). If you’re just writing songs for yourself and you don’t care what anyone else thinks or if your songs turn out great, then you won’t need this book. If however music is your life and you have the drive to become the best songwriter the world has ever seen then I know that this book will become an important step on the way there for you and I highly recommend trying out the technique.
  • You’ve never written a song before. If you’re trying to figure out how to write your first songs, this book is going way, way too far for you. In the beginning, just write. Listen to songs and see what other artists are doing and start out just copying what they do (try a different artist each time). After a while, your songs will get better naturally.

On the other hand, there are certain “chronic” problems songwriters have that don’t EVER “just go away”…
Read through the list below …and if you find that you have experienced ANY ONE of these problems, I highly recommend to grab this book right now.

However… if while going through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these “chronic diseases” that are almost impossible to shake… you NEED to get this program immediately.

Get this book immediately if...

Is The Addiction Formula for you? Check the following list:


  • Your songs don’t sell and you don’t get the respect you deserve. With the subtle, psychological triggers that come with the Addiction Formula your songs will stand out and speak to your listeners on a deep, subconscious level. They won’t know what hit ‘em!
  • You have learned a technique or approach … but for some reason it didn’t work for YOU. My teaching style is targeted at helping you implement what you learn immediately. Moreover, after reading Part I of the book, your whole view on songwriting will change so that your writing style becomes more addictive AUTOMATICALLY.
  • It takes you forever to write a song. The Addiction Formula comes with a 10 step process that will severely increase your productivity so you can write songs within a day (AT NO QUALITY LOSS!)
  • Friends tell you that your songs sound like a lot of other stuff that’s already out there. In the book you will find a 4-step technique to building your own, unique techniques. This is the only songwriting book in the world that does this.
  • You are having problems writing strong, memorable pop songs. With the in-depth explanations on the “Hollywood Structure” taught in the book, you will be able to write the perfect pop song.
  • You have had some HIT & MISS SUCCESSES but you haven’t figured out a reliable method yet that gets you there every time.
  • You can only write when you’re not tired or uninspired. All the techniques given in this book can be used ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Once you understand the approach, you will be able to turn any song addictive without even thinking about it. This is invaluable when you have to make a deadline!

Remember what’s at stake here:


OPTION A (You DON’T Get The Book)

If your audience does NOT get hooked by your music, they will NOT listen to your entire song, which means they will not even HEAR your hook, which means they never even get to the best part, which means they will NOT hum your song in the car, which means they will NOT come back to it, which means they will NOT buy it and they will NOT tell their friends about it. In other words, you will die alone with your cats.


OPTION B (You DO Get The Book)

However, with the Addiction Formula, your listeners WILL be intrigued to hear your entire song, they WILL hear your hook, they WILL hum your song in the car, which means it’s very likely that they WILL come back to it, tell their friends about it and buy it!

You tell me which will pay the bills.

Get it NOW:

About The Author,
Friedemann Findeisen

Friedemann Findeisen (*1989, BMus) is a creator, songwriting coach and public speaker. After jumping onto the scene in 2015 with his best-selling book "The Addiction Formula", today he is best known for his YouTube channel "Holistic Songwriting" and the Artists Series. 

To this point, the YouTube channel has gathered over 370K subscribers and a total of 10M views, making it one of the biggest songwriting channels in the world. Friedemann is also the creator of "The Songwriting Decks", a new inspiration tool for songwriters which overfunded by 230% on Kickstarter. Friedemann is a sought-after guest speaker at music conventions and tours Europe with his masterclasses on Structuring Songs and Getting Things Made. 

In his free time, he designs board games that tell stories, invents escape rooms and writes music. His 2020 debut album "Subface", which he released under his artist name "Canohead" has been labeled the "Album of the Year" by the Nu Metal scene.

Friedemann lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife Joanna and their cat Lyric.

We asked for your experiences with Friedemann, and here's what you said...

isn't afraid to tell you how it is

grayson erhard - singer/songwriter

Friedemann isn't afraid to tell you how it is. I’ve sent him over ten songs at this point and I learn something every single time he gives me feedback. He dives into every aspect of the music and provides helpful insight that’s supported by his wealth of experience. I’m incredibly grateful for the feedback he’s provided, the time he takes to meticulously study music, and the methods he uses to deliver a valuable education. I believe Holistic Songwriting has led me to become much more aware of the choices I’m making within my music. 

it's a fun and rewarding puzzle to put together

Jessica manske -

dj / songwriter / producer

I am a DJ and turning into a songwriter/ producer.  I love how Friedemann gives the breakdown of popular artists and their formula both on YouTube and in his book. He puts everything together in an enjoyable way so that songwriting isn't a complicated chore, it's a fun and rewarding puzzle to put together.  He helps you exercise that creative muscle and also borrow themes from pop music so that you can make your own songs and be proud of them! I love how he focuses on the groove and simplifies topics that could be daunting to beginning songwriters with no formal music training

taught me that I too can find my own voice with confidence

Weslay hibberd - writer

Having failed many times at writing a song I am happy with I have found that perseverance and sound guidance from Friedemann has reconfigured my approach and led me to achieve results I love. I enjoy the songwriting process, and Friedemann has taught me that the methods adopted by many great songwriters I admire are not transcendent and I too can find my own voice with confidence. Friedemann inspired me to use songwriting methods as tools rather than blueprints to communicate mine.

opened a new world for me

steve b -


Friedemann opened a new world for me with his approach to songwriting and singing the initial lyrics. Skeptical at first, not really a singer. I tried it and was amazed at the increased production and improvement in my songs. And, many of his tools are also very helpful and time savers too. Now the band is heading to the studio to record enough for a first EP. I couldn't have done it without his guidance.

helped me expand beyong being a rap artist

moreno muanza -


I started rapping when I was fourteen and today I'm twenty one. I left College 2-3 years ago to pursue music full time. I had the confidence and vision to become a professional artist but there were skills and information I KNEW I was missing. I read every and any songwriting book I can get my hands on and any music theory book I can find. I've been going to music conventions for years... to become a professional,  I knew I needed guidance or a coach. Holistic Songwriting helped me expand beyond being a rap artist. I studied and bought every product holistic songwriting has ever created. My testimonial for holistic songwriting is me releasing three EP'S and one twelve song mixtape. Holistic songwriting gave me the perspective and creativity to make four musical projects & SIX music video's. My goal is to be a platinum selling artist and I know holistic songwriting can make me that Artist.

obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios

joshua starkey


Holistic Songwriting helped change the course of my life. I've always loved playing music, as a drummer. I liked the idea of writing songs, but I just couldn't grasp a lot of the concepts.

But your YouTube channel, Podcasts, and Bundles have expanded my knowledge to the point where I obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios - The Grove.

I get to work with amazing Australian artists like Violent Soho, Birds of Tokyo, The Dune Rats, Ocean Alley and so many more.

I recommend you to anyone I know who has an interest in music, 10/10.

I see the matrix now

john toelaer - 


The addiction formula has changed not only the way that I produce music and think about music, but also the way that I perceive and experience it. After reading, it was like the first time someone points out a bass guitar part and your eyes/ears are opened, except on a much larger scale. I see the matrix now. 

will get you out of any creative rut

gerben nieuwenhuis 


Friedemann, team holistic songwriting and community are your BEST AUDIENCE as an aspiring songwriter. The human touch and warm professional feedback will get you out of any creative rut or pitfall. There is attention to details (because the devil 's in the details) and you will get support on ANY level of songwriting, if you just a starter with a campfire guitar of a full blown pro.

I've truly leveled up

chris lautemann -  


Reading "The Addiction Formula" and looking at arrangements through the energy-level lense that Friedemann teaches has taken away the guess-work and has replaced the trial & error approach with a framework to be more creative within. It has given me the confidence that I can actually complete songs. The songs I've written since gel, they make sense, they work and I feel proud and as if I've truly leveled up.

ideas that work

johnny mabie -  


atlantic records

Writing alone or with Grammy-nominated writers, Friedemann's ideas about arrangement, energy, and melodic rhythm always work. He helped me understand that shaping a song is less like a stroke of genius and more like making a sandwich. A really, really awesome sandwich. 

your book was eye-opening


Your book was eye-opening. I picked it up on a whim, not sure what to expect, and although I took careful notes, I wasn't even sure how much it would impact how I viewed writing music after I finished it. It wasn't until I started breaking down individual reference songs I like, that I was shocked to discover how much everything - it seems, literally everything - can be viewed through the viewpoint of hype. I finally feel like I'm starting to scratch the surface of why the professionals do what they do, even when it comes to things as complicated as specifics of chord progressions, and so much more.

I thought I got scammed

Dale  - unemployed(?)

I bought your book. When I read the first few pages I thought I got scammed. However I stuck with it, I learned and even laughed a bit. Now I’m quitting my job and starting my song writing career. Thanks. (I tried to write this email using the addiction formula haha!) Did I succeed?

a deep analytical thinker

sam strohbehn - 


Friedemann is an outstanding teacher. He is a deeply analytical thinker who can break down all elements of songwriting to reveal the patterns and building blocks anyone can use to improve their music while simultaneously never losing focus on the immediacy and emotion of a song. Most importantly he is a truly generous person, with his time, his work, and his art.

actually write songs instead of just daydreaming of it

beret roots -


Friedemann Findeisens Holistic Songwriting has given me the courage to actually write songs instead of just daydreaming of it. He makes songwriting easy and accessible. Especially his advice, that you can even write good songs on crappy instruments, was very helpful. He has also shown me that you don't have to become a professional musician in order to write songs. He has a great ear for giving feedback on song submissions.

changed my life and it's thanks to your education

asia ward -


My name is Asia Ward and I graduated last May with a degree in musical theatre, but nowadays, I produce, write, and sing songs for myself and other people. The only way that transition was possible was because of your courses. I started making music for fun after musical theatre didn't work out, but had no direction on where to start. With your guidance, my older songs were selected to win a slot in Tayla Parx's songwriting/production camp in NYC with people like Tommy Brown, Sarah Hudson, Ali Thompson, Normani, and more were in attendance. It changed my life and it's thanks to your education. You are able to break down giant ideas into a language I understand.

my single has gained over 500K streams

eric ryan -

recording artist

Once I found your videos on youtube & purchased your audiobook, it taught me a variety of tools that I could use to formulate/create the structures of my songs... Some of which now have over hundreds of thousands of streams across my platforms! 

I love the way you break knowledge/music concepts down to level where "music theory" isn't needed to understand. The way you teach these concepts are in a fun/easy to take in sort of way if that makes sense... I see you as like the "cool/fun" teacher that everyone had in school. 

Thanks to holistic songwriting, the tools I learned helped me structure & arrange all of my music including my single „Soleil“ which has gained over 500K streams/plays across all my platforms combined!!

broke me out of the box I was in for 20 years

ehrich weiss -


I'm a hobbyist songwriter and musician of over 30 years looking to improve my skills in writing lyrics, melody and rhythms for my songs. Holistic Songwriting has broken me out of the little box I had been occupying in my musical journey and given me a new direction for my ideas, and especially one I've had for almost 20 years but was going nowhere.

any time a song of mine moved someone, it's because of these insights

heitor Leal Farnese 


I'm a hobbyist that aspires to earn money through music in the long run, and Friedemann is, in every sense, a great companion to have in this journey. I think any time a song of mine moved someone, I owe that to Friedemann and his insights on hype and tension. He's fun, very intelligent, friendly and has a nerd soul. This is the type of teacher that is never entirely satisfied with just showing you examples of what works and what doesn't. He goes the extra mile in order to figure out and teach you the underlying rules that allow things to work.

I can speak the language and ask better questions

keith m - 


I'm a professional software engineer.  I was working on a section of software that required understanding chord progressions and the basic structure of a musical score.  After a number of searches, I came across "The Addiction Formula" and since then it has become my bible. Immediately, I integrated the sections on musical energy and tension into the software design.  Now I'm able to not only understand the concepts but I can speak the language and ask better questions.  On a personal level, I'm enjoying music more than ever since I'm able to "predict" where the score is moving and why.  Of course it helps that Mr. Findeisen is not only brilliant but a dynamic teacher.

everything is starting to make sense

kim caldas


What I like the most about your approach is that it's opened for everyone, no matter the level they're in, either if they know music theory or not. After a few years of studying this, I'm finally  able to mix my animation and music and everything is starting to make sense!

Thank you for all the help!

I got offers to 5 universities

reuben andrews -


Friedemann's courses have been invaluable in the evolution of my approach to music as a Musician, Songwriter, and  Producer. His methods of explaining concepts are both practical and applicable to the real world, not to mention he's genuinely engaging and is always looking to help fellow songwriters however he can. The knowledge I have gained from his content also enabled me to write songs that I used to get offers to 5 Universities to further study Music and Sound Production. Stay gefährlich!

turning pro is no longer a dream

adrian eiteneuer -


Friedemann Findeisen and Holistic Songwriting did not only help me take my commercial songwriting skills to next level, but thanks to him my latest single was aired on German Radio and Germany's biggest music blog wrote about me as an artist (I am a small independent artist): "a voice you should have heard of". Because of Friedemann, quitting my dayjob and turning pro as an artist is no longer a dream, but actual reality.

One more thing...

If you wanted to, you could probably figure out this stuff on your own. I know, because that's what I did. But it's cost me thousands of dollars and ten thousands of hours when I add up what I've invested, spent, tested, and WASTED figuring out the "good stuff" that actually works... and works consistently and predictably.

So you can invest a ton of money and time trying to figure out what works or you can short-circuit that whole process and do something of a "mind-meld" with me... and then you can be putting this material to work in your life tomorrow.

Holistic Songwriting