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The Lyric Canvas

Our most popular product, the Lyric Canvas is the ultimate tool for sketching up and structuring commercial lyrics, used by thousands of songwriters around the globe.

The Weeknd Runs/Licks

Want to be able to write hooks like The Weeknd? These licks and runs are a good start, complete with the underlying theory, as well as tips on teaching these in a studio setting.

3 Hit Song Arrangements

Wonder how to build the drama in your songs? Follow these blueprints and your songs will sound more dynamic, more exciting and more addicting.

Nirvana: The Formulas

Ever wanted to write Chord Progressions like Kurt Cobain? Perhaps surprisingly, there is actually a surprising amount of formulas Kurt liked to use in his own writing.

Protecting Your Songs (Coming June 2018)

How do I make sure no one steals my intellectual property? How do I copyright my songs, how do I prevent people from illegally sharing my music?

143 Chord Progressions

Stuck writing chords? This PDF is filled to the brim with usable, easy to play chord progressions in both major and minor.

Taylor Swift Lines

Find out THE formula Taylor Swift uses for her melody writing. As you will see in the PDF, a surprising amount of the songs on 1989 uses this concrete formula.

201 Royalty-Free Song Titles

Like to start your lyrics with the title? How about a list of 201 hand-picked, commercial titles then? Sorted alphabetically, this inspiring list will get you going in no time!

10 Beginner Hacks

While Holistic Songwriting is usually targeted at intermediate to advanced songwriters, this PDF gives you the 10 best practices if you just started writing songs.

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