Day 2 – How to Write a “Good” Lyric

Your Mission for Day 2 (after this, you’ve already completed 40% of the Lyrics Bootcamp… wow this is going FAST!)

  1. Watch this short video

  2. Choose one of the most recent songs you wrote. Use the below points as a checklist to analyze the lyrics for potential improvements.:

    1. Are there no meaningless details? A word or phrase that doesn’t flow that also doesn’t give the listener a hit of dopamine?.

    2. Is there an interesting word or phrase in every section of the song? Something sticky that creates some cognitive friction in the listener?

    3. Does every line have natural flow? Speak the lyrics out loud, does it match the rhythm and intonation of the melody?

    4. Does your lyric reveal your character? Are the lyrics giving hints or stating directly who your artist character is?

In 20-25 minutes you’re done and you’ve completed Day 2 of the Lyrics Bootcamp.

And on Day 3, we’ll be talking about WHAT you write about in your songs.

Until then,

Let me know what you got out of today's lesson in the comments section down below.

Stay gefährlich,


  • Together with the Introduction I got the first two building stones, the content story arc of WHAT you want to say
    And then this lesson of HOW to say it best
    Now I just need to say it 😉

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