Day 5 – Style: Reveal Character

 today is all about finding those lyrics UNIQUE to you.

Without further ado, your Mission:

  1. Watch this super short video

  2. Write down 5 ways to reveal your character through style

I’ll be in touch later.

Let me know what you got out of today's lesson in the comments section down below.

Stay gefährlich,


  • Thank you first ,your course has been very helpful, had open my brain on writing ,it’s always room for learning more, this new challenge for me ,my business has been in food industry , I will continue go over everything and review the sample all points and imagine to keep my work polish ,my writing genre is R&B , passion, love heart and soul ,emotions, authentic feelings, I will look back over the steps that you have given me your unique thoughts and ideas of lyrics how to connect them , the float ,to work hard to read out loud for good work, today is my b-day, God bless

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