Course access

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Time to get serious now....

  • If you enrolled in HSA COMPLETE, contact your coach to help you decide which trimester to start with (more on coaching in a bit).
  • If you already know where you want to start (either STORY, PITCH, or GROOVE), please contact, and let us know which trimester to open up for you.
  • By default, you will get access to one module per week. Each trimester consists of roughly twelve modules. If you want access to the complete trimester, discuss this with your coach. 
  • If you enrolled in COMPLETE, contact once you're done with your first trimester, and let us know which one to open up for you next.
  • You get access to two bonus courses: "By the end of this course you will know music theory", and "Singing Essentials by Gemma Sugrue". They will be added to your Teachable account (more on Teachable later).

Got that? Ok good! Time to move on to the next step.