Step 5. Teachable

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This step contains a bit more information than the previous ones, but don't worry; it's not complicated.

Like I said in Step 3, you'll get access to HSA content through Teachable, the online platform from which we host all HS courses.

The process is a little different depending on whether or not you already have a Teachable account.


If you don't have a Teachable account yet

On the course start date, you'll receive an email with a subject line that looks something like this:

Open the email and click Confirm Email:

You'll be redirected to a Teachable website, where you can create a password and confirm your account:

Note that your email address is already filled out, and can't be changed. We use the email address you used for your purchase of HSA. 

If you would like to change the email address, or have HSA added to an already existing Teachable account, just contact HS customer support at: 

Congratulations! You created your Teachable account and have access to HSA now:

Access the course by clicking on the blue HS Academy field. Module 1 should already be available to you:

You get access to a new module every week. 

If you already have a Teachable account

If you purchased HSA with an email address that is already registered at Teachable (with any course that you purchased, not only HS courses), you don't get an email confirmation once we've enrolled you in HSA. 

Just login to your Teachable account on the course start date (see Step 2), and the HSA-trimester(s) you enrolled in will be added to your account: