Day 4 – Style: A Few Tough Questions

Your Mission:

  1. Watch this video

  2. Answer the questions

  3. Bonus: Take one of the Theme, Twists and Titles you wrote down and write down multiple Choruses that fit. You have 10 min

You’re nearly there now.

But tomorrow will be the most important day: We’ll be talking about writing lyrics only you - as in no one else but YOU - could write.

Let me know what you got out of today's lesson in the comments section down below.

Stay gefährlich,


  • I’m a spare head ,I listen deeply to song and come up different lyrics, I have my own style, really realized that today, learning new thoughts about lyrics and choruses, these sessions are great for refreshing the mind to go back over my work, I do write from with in the heart but always have a open mind for ideas and keeping the float of lyrics thank you so much for these sessions.

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