Holistic Songwriting Camp

Refresh your Creativity - Write Songs in Flow - Collaborate and Connect

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Let's Dive - Headfirst - into Your Music!

Workation meets your music
  • An incredible holiday that improves your music and life.
  • Be inspired and get rid of distractions.
  • Experience tropical island vibes, luxury accommodation and excellent food.
  • Next level songwriting skills
  • Daily in-depth songwriting workshops with Friedemann Findeisen and other world-class songwriting coaches.
  • Learn how to finish songs quickly and effectively (Never shared before!).
  • We'll be by your side coaching you during the process.
  • Connect, collaborate and network
  • Join forces with other pros & high level musicians in daily co-writing sessions and create something beautiful.
  • You'll leave Tenerife not only with a tan - but 4 brand new songs (one per co-writing session).
  • Make lasting memories and friendships
  • What you'll get out of Holistic Songwriting Camp

    1. 1
      Spend a week learning, creating and recharging on a beautiful island and return refreshed, full of energy and creative inspiration.
    2. 2
      Meet Friedemann and his whole team in person and get direct 1:1 coaching on your songwriting skills and processes.
    3. 3
      Take your songwriting skills to the next level by finishing 4 songs in co-writing teams.
    4. 4
      Improve your songwriting routine to make your future writing more fun and effective (never revealed process secrets by Friedemann).
    5. 5
      Determine your biggest challenges and return with an action plan on how to skyrocket your songwriting process.
    6. 6
      Extend your network and exchange ideas and inspiration with other professionals and high-level musicians.
    7. 7
      Enjoy yourself, find new friends and partners for future collaborations, and leave with a bag full of new knowledge, skills, inspiration and beautiful memories.

    What is included?

    Daily in-depth workshops custom-tailored to your needs and challenges as a songwriter.

    Direct 1:1 coaching during the workshops and for your group of 3 during and after the.

    Co-writing sessions led by Friedemann Findeisen and the whole Holistic Songwriting coaching team.

    Transport from and to the airport (flights are not included).

    Mouth-watering, excellent catering. 

    Freshly cooked meals every day.

    Beautiful accommodation, in single or double rooms.  Sleep like a (happy) baby.

    Group events.

    Have a fun time with the crew and the other musicians and make lasting memories.


    Take home professional photos to use as you want and make use of this unique location.

    Vocal coaching (if requested).

    We invited vocal expert Gemma Sugrue to help You get the most out of your recordings.

    Where are we going?

    Fly to the beautiful canary island Tenerife positioned right next to Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

    In our luxury accommodation "Villa Ginevra" you will spend your days connecting with like-minded people, improving your songwriting skills and making breakthroughs in your songwriting process while relaxing and recharging on this beautiful island.

    Get your dose of natural Vitamin-D, just a 10 minute drive from the beach and ocean.

    Decide between a single room for more private freedom or team-up with another artist in a shared room for 2 to connect and build new friendships!

    A day in the camp

    • S.A.V.E.R.S. - Session that will help you improve your mindset, energy and focus.
    • Breakfast.
    • Workshop by Friedemann Findeisen.
    • Exquisite lunch.
    • Co-Writing Sessions.
    • Free-time/Additional Co-Writing time.
    • Group Event/Activities.
    • Dinner
    • Connecting and relaxing.

    Who's waiting for you?

    Friedemann Findeisen

    CEO & Founder of Holistic Songwriting 

    Friedemann is ready to teach you his earth-shattering, actionable insights on process and songwriting. He is ready to show you clearly, how you can complete way more songs. But not just any songs - your best songs. That's what he's coming to Tenerife for - to help you.

    He comes with the highest recommendations from industry giants like Conrad Pope (John Williams' orchestrator), Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira), Jeff Rona (Mission Impossible 2) and René Merkelbach (Within Temptation).

    Friedemann is a best-selling author and a Bachelor of Music. He has written over 1000 pieces of music in a wide variety of styles (find his latest project here, or listen to an old showreel). He is a frequent guest speaker at conservatories all over Europe and coaches some of Germany's biggest songwriters.

    Gemma Sugrue

    Vocal Coach

    Gemma shepherds her students through the rocky terrain of mental blocks to the green pastures of free, uninhibited and beautiful vocal expression. She'll do the same for you. We are thrilled we managed to get her as a coach for you at HSC.

    She is the founder of "Voiceworks Studio", an Irish company that offers choir training and lessons for singers, and of "Pro Vocal Artist", an online mentorship program for original music artists. Gemma's performance credits as a vocalist include working as a singer for hire for various TV shows (Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show) and for artists including Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Maverick Sabre, Rosin Murphy, the RTE Concert Orchestra, The RTE Symphony Orchestra and many more.

    Gemma is a sought after contemporary vocal coach and is currently working with artists including Cian Ducrot and Ryan Mack. She's a former board member of Vocology in Practice, a global organisation of voice experts based in Utah and works as an artist consultant for LA based organisation VocalizeU.

    Ra Wilson

    Coach for Holistic Songwriting Academy

    Ra is coming to be by your side, giving you gentle guidance throughout the songwriting process, so you can finally make those songs real,  which you've only dreamed of.

    As a coach for Holistic Songwriting Academy, he shares his hard earned experience and skills with the students, and guides them through the process towards songwriting mastery.

    He has been writing songs since the birth of the internet. After years of classical guitar noodling and flittering though jazz school he found himself signed to Universal and then Warner where he wrote charting songs that gathered quite a lot of streams . Ra is a trained Speech Level singer and has toured (festivals and headline shows) in over 20 countries.

    Bruno Rocha

    Coach for Holistic Songwriting Academy

    Bruno is ready to guide you from breakthrough to breakthrough on this paradisal island, letting go of the everyday anxieties and stresses that keep you from completing the songs you were born to make.

    As an HSA coach, he uses his knowledge to help students in completing their music projects, from the early ideas to fully finished songs.

    He started writing songs in the early 2000s, first as a hobby, but in 2008 some of those songs were released on a solo album. In 2012 he released another album with his band Box, which completely comprised of original songs he wrote. A new EP was released a few years later. During Covid Bruno took online mixing/mastering courses, and now releases songs 100% written, produced, mixed and mastered by himself.

    Robert Lanting

    Coach for Holistic Songwriting Academy

    Robert will get your eyes twinkling. He has blocked his calendar for our joint days on Tenerife, ready to make this an unforgettable experience for you with his years of experience as both a music coach, co-writer and Student Happiness Manager at Holistic Songwriting.

    For Holistic Songwriting, Robert takes care of customer service, and course development. Got any questions? Want to know how HS can best help you become the best songwriter you can possible be? Just reach out to:


    He is also a media composer and songwriter with a passion for personal development and education. His music has been licensed in countries all over the world. He also creates custom music for all kinds of projects, such as podcasts, documentaries, movies, games, and more.

    Nils Schink

    Event-manager & Video Producer

    Nils will make you jump for joy, as he rustles up the most revitalizing Music Workation for you, as HSC's event-manager.

    As a photographer, Nils will ensure you leave Tenerife with professional photos of yourself, to use as you please for your social media and your press kit. 

    He has been with Holistic Songwriting since the very beginning of HSA. Starting out as a self-taught video editor, he now runs his own media production business “New Light Productions”, specialized in creating high-quality online programs.

    He produces most Holistic Songwriting content, does the video shoots for HSA, organizes the Holistic Songwriting Camps and makes sure that all content is created and designed in a cohesive way, leading to the most enjoyable and effective learning experience for students.

    Chris Lautemann


    Chris probably won't make you cry, but that's fine. Your experience on Tenerife will be one for the ages nonetheless. 

    He has experience in virtually all styles of music: from Rap to Techno, playing Jazz Trumpet, composing counterpoint exercises at University and singing in an indie band, his love for music has led him to unexpected places - and successes.

    He launched and sold a successful underground record label, became the ghost-interview-writer for some of the dance-scene's biggest artists and co-wrote many songs as a lyricist - one of which was recently licensed for GTA Online. 

    He'll be happy to share his thoughts and ideas how you can succeed in music - and write awesome songs with you!


    Is my skill-level sufficient for this camp and the co-writing sessions?

    Book a call now and together we will figure out if you are ready for the experience or if you'd benefit to join one of our online courses before joining the camp.

    Do I need a visa to enter the Country?

    If you are from the United States or a member state of the European Union you definitely don't need a visa: here's a list of all countries that do NOT need a visa to enter: https://www.immigrationspain.es/en/countries-that-need-visa-to-enter-spain/. If your country is on the list: nothing to worry about.

    Should I have attended the Holistic Songwriting Academy before joining?

    It is not required that you are a member of the Holistic Songwriting Academy, though of course it is beneficial if you are and have already stepped-up your songwriting game.

    What are the options for accommodation?

    You can decide between a single room for more private freedom or team-up with another artist in a shared room for 2 to connect and build new friendships!

    Are there any Covid regulations I should look out for?

    At this moment, there are no more covid regulations for entering the country. You might wanna check with your local authorities before you travel just to make sure nothing changed, but right now, there's nothing to worry about. The only thing is you still need to wear masks on public transport here at the moment so maybe bring one just in case.

    Are you ready to live this experience?

    We can't wait to see you there!