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3 Reasons Why This Will Change Your Songwriting Forever

Doesn't seem like being able to write for drums is a big deal? Think again! There are few instruments that are as worth learning how to write for as the drum set. Consider these 3 points:

#1: Your Songs, Your Decisions

Being able to write your own drums really is a freeing experience. Imagine being able to write professional parts yourself and not having to rely on someone else. Your song, your decisions. Plus, you'll never have to worry that your drummer won't be able to play what you've written.

#2: Fool Even Drummers With Your MIDI Drums

Whether it's for a demo or the final track, being able to create drums alone on your computer is extremely satisfying and gives you a ton of creative freedom. In "How To Groove", you'll learn how to program your drums professionally so you don't sound like an amateur.

#3: Make Working With Real Drummers A Breeze

Even if you've never written a single note before, by the end of this course you'll be able to write your own notation and communicate any groove to your drummer. We go over all the terms and techniques you need to know to look as if you were a drummer yourself.

Before you send me an email: Yes, the statements made in this video really are 100% true. And if you would like to learn how to do this, there is no better place to learn it than here.

"I enrolled in Friedemann’s self-paced Drum-Writing for Non-Drummers course and I’ve been blown away by the knowledge I’ve gained. I have a much better understanding of how to write better grooves. If you want to learn how to communicate with a drummer and how to properly notate drums on a stave, I recommend taking this course. You’ll be well on your way to producing better music."

Brandon S. - Songwriter/Arranger

"Hey Friedemann. I'm loving the course! You've done a fantastic job. I'm off for a short break holiday tomorrow for a few days and really excited to be working through it. My goal is to significantly improve my programmed drums and from what I've seen in the course so far, I've learn't loads."

Les D. - Songwriter/Producer

Note: I guarantee that these testimonials were written by real people that sent in emails after taking the course. I took the liberty of adding some cool photos, so those are not real. But better than looking at a bunch of sweaty nerds, right? 😉

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...And If You Don't Like It, Just Return It!

So let’s say you start watching and you realize that this course is not for you. No problem! Just send an email to the address in the video and I’ll give you a full refund. As long as you make sure you notify me within 30 days we can both continue our lives happily.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Part 1 - Notating Like A Pro [4 Videos]

After watching this chapter you'll be able to notate any groove on drums even if you've never written for drums before. This section includes all the instruments of the drum set incl. their different techniques and MIDI Mapping. Plus, it includes a nifty little trick to remember where all the drums are notated on the staff.

Part 2 - Beat Plueprints (aka "How To Write For Drums") [7 Videos]

After covering the 5 different beats in a measure, we take a closer look at drum coordination so you don't end up writing parts only an octopus would be able to play. We cover the 4 different drum strokes, the LAW of drum-writing and most importantly: How to write for all the instruments (there is an extended section on how to write for kick-drum which I'm particularly proud of).

Part 3 - Programming Realistic Drums [7 Videos]

Yes, we'll really talk about everything here: Whether to quantize or not, which samples to use and how to tell if your samples are good or not, how to program all the different instruments, setting velocities, you name it! We're directly programming a couple of grooves in Logic Pro in this section, so you can follow along in your own sequencer.

Part 4 - Groove Weight [6 Videos]

"The hell is groove weight?" you may be asking yourself. It's the answer to when to use which drum groove, that's what it is! If you've ever wondered which drums fit a certain song the best, here we discuss how you can use Half and Double Time, Subdivisions, Tempo, Accents and Swing to your advantage.

Part 5 - How To Write Kick-Ass Drum Fills [8 Videos]

After a quick discussion on fill notation and where to write fills, we dive right in and look at the 2 types of fills, how they're different from one another and how to write them. Then we come to my favorite part of the program: The 4 Birds. This is a simple little trick that will make sure you'll never forget what you can and can't write for drummers. Not sure if what you wrote is too difficult? Just think of the 4 Birds and you'll know!

Part 6 - Adding Hits/Punches/Kicks For Maximum Impact [4 Videos]

In this chapter, we look at what's commonly known as "hits", "punches" or "kicks" - in other words accents the rhythm section plays together. There's 3 ways of approaching a hit and you'll learn them all.

+BONUS Interview w/ Nippy Noya

This video course also includes a bonus interview with world-famous percussionist Nippy Noya (Sting, Chaka Khan). Here, we take a look at how a professional percussionist thinks about drumming. Plus, Nippy has some interesting thoughts to share on Rhythmic Shapes, Alpha Beats and Spirituality.

Usually, a lesson with Nippy is over $400, but you're getting it included with this course for FREE!

Just Today: $49 $97 (50% off!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs This Course Self-Paced? When Do I Begin?

    This course is completely self-paced. You start whenever you want and end whenever you want. The course is split up into short 2-10 minute videos to help you manage your time as efficiently as possible.

  • q-iconDo I Need To Be Able To Read Music?

    No. As long as you can read a very basic rhythm you’ll be fine. We go through everything you need to know about drum notation, like how to notate the different instruments or playing styles. Plus, every example is accompanied by drummer Davy Andy Henket, so if you can’t read it you can still hear it (which is a great way to learn how to read music in itself).

  • q-iconI'm Still Not Sure Whether This Is For Me

    Well, feel free to buy it and return it within 30 days if you find out that it is not for you. I genuinely don’t want you to feel ripped off if you don’t like it. That being said, I’m confident that you will love this course and that it will help you tremendously on your path to world domination.

  • q-iconLearning Is No Fun!

    I’ve put a lot of work into making this workshop as enjoyable as possible: There’s multiple interactive exercises, ridiculous mnemonics, German attempts at humor and a game that will keep you tied to your chair.