take your songwriting to the next level - island edition

Holistic songwriting camp

  • Vacation meets Your Music:
    An incredible holiday that improves your music and life
  • Level up: '
    Daily in-depth  songwriting workshops with Friedemann Findeisen and other world-class songwriting coaches
  • Connect and Collaborate:
    Join forces with other pros & high level musicians in daily co-writing sessions and create something beautiful
  • Increase productivity & output:
    Learn how to finish songs quickly and effectively
  • Increase joy and flow:
    Be inspired and get rid of distractions
  • Finish 4 songs:
    You'll leave Tenerife not only with a tan - but 4 brand new songs (one per co-writing session). 
  • Actionable, immediate Feedback: 
    We'll be by your side coaching you during the process 
  • Enjoy and rejuvenate:
    Experience tropical island vibes, luxury accommodation and excellent food

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what you'll get out of hsc

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- Spend a week learning, creating and recharging on a beautiful island

- Return refreshed, full of energy and creative inspiration

- Meet Friedemann and his whole team in person and

- Get direct 1:1 coaching on your songwriting skills and processes

- Take your songwriting skills to the next level and finish 4 songs in your co-writing teams

- Improve your songwriting routine to make your future writing more fun and effective (never revealed process secrets by Friedemann)

- Determine your biggest challenges and return with an action plan on how to skyrocket your songwriting process

- Extend your network and exchange ideas and inspiration with other professionals and high-level musicians

- Enjoy yourself, find new friends and partners for future collaborations, and leave with a bag full of new knowledge, skills, inspiration and beautiful memories

What’s included?

- Daily in-depth workshops custom-tailored to your needs and challenges as a songwriter

- Direct 1:1 coaching during the workshops and for your group of 3 during and and after the co-writing sessions by Friedemann Findeisen and the whole Holistic Songwriting coaching team

- Transport from and to the airport (flights are not included)

- Excellent catering and beautiful accommodation

- Group events and a photoshoot

- Vocal coaching (if requested)

The schedule

Our days will look something like this to ensure you re-charge AND level up productively:


Where are we going?

The Spanish island Tenerife, info about accomodation, 

Who's waiting for you

This is the Holistic Songwriting Team waiting to support you in reaching your goals as a songwriter and overcoming your challenges:

- Friedemann Findeisen (World famous songwriting coach and founder of HS)

- Ra (Holistic Songwriting Coach specialised in Co-Writing, Vocal Production and XY) 

- Bruno (Holistic Songwriting Coach specialised in XY)

- Nils (Organizer of the Holistic Songwriting Camps & Video-/Photographer)


Is my skill-level sufficient for this camp and the co-writing sessions?

-> Book a call now and together we will figure out if you are ready for the experience or if you'd benefit to join one of our online courses before joining the camp.

Do I need a visa to enter the Country?

-> If you are from the United States or a member state of the European Union you definitely don't need a visa: here's a list of all countries that do NOT need a visa to enter: https://www.immigrationspain.es/en/countries-that-need-visa-to-enter-spain/. If your country is on the list: nothing to worry about.

Should I have attended the Holistic Songwriting Academy before joining?

-> It is not required that you are a member of the Holistic Songwriting Academy, though of course it is beneficial if you are and have already stepped-up your songwriting game.

What options do you have for accommodation (oder sollen wir das schon oben aufführen (die Bilder die ich von den zimmern habe sind richtig schön)?