Meet your fellow HSA students

And get your questions answered...

FYI: We currently only open up for enrollment 3 times a year.
This video is from our last launch in May - a few things have changed 

It only features experiences of HSA GROOVE (I will be sharing what PITCH students have to say in the coming days). Just to avoid any confusion, I want to clarify that a few pieces of info in the video are outdated:

1. The price for a standalone Trimester has gone up (as announced in the video). However, if you decided to join both GROOVE and PITCH at once, the price per Trimester remains as stated in the video.

2. We have decided to spread out the live coachings over an entire year. Instead of 2 livestreams a week for four months, you know get one year of one livestream per week per Trimester.

Our focus is always on helping you level up as a songwriter and supporting each other.

Many of the HSA students who came before you had questions and concerns before pulling the lever and joining HSA and I assume it might be the same for you. 

That’s why I put together today’s video, in which you won’t just get your most common questions answered, but also get to hear from HSA-Alumni about their experience.

NOTE: In the video above, the students are talking about HSA GROOVE. 

PITCH, the second Trimester which focuses on touching the heart of your listeners, opened its doors in late September this year for the first time. Only students who had previously completed GROOVE were invited to join and many, many did. 

The feedback we've gotten so far has been super overwhelming. Keep in mind, they haven't completed PITCH yet (my favorite modules of PITCH are actually still to be released).

I'll be sharing what PITCH students said about PITCH so far in an upcoming mail.


If you are thinking about joining, it’s only fair to warn you:

We won’t take more than 50 students this Trimester... To offer everyone who joins the best service, feedback and community, seats have to be limited.

Judging by the last launches, places will sell out quickly. Matter of fact, we reached our student-limit in January in only a few short days (with no server crashes beforehand...). So keep an eye on your inbox in the coming days, to make sure your place doesn’t get taken.

Any more questions?

Put them in the comments below!

I will do what I can to answer them all.