By the end of this course,
you will know Music Theory

  • Speak "musician" fluently //
    Be taken seriously by other musicians //
    Nail Your Uni entrance exams //
    Broaden your toolkit to express YOUR ideas
  • Learn to "speak musician" fluently to be taken seriously by other musicians //
  • Nail the "Theory Part" of your  Uni entrance exams //
  • Broaden your toolkit to express YOUR ideas

Make today the day YOU begin Mastering Music Theory!

Be confident around musicians, nail your exams and express your ideas!

Let’s face it: “Music Theory” isn’t exactly the sexiest topic. We all love the music-part of it. Music is magical and beautiful and for some of us - inexplicably - the most important topic in the world (well... definitely top 3).

But, in this case “Music” is followed by maybe the most dusty and boring words of all - “Theory”.

Who cares what this chord is called? Why give a crap which meter this melody is in?

Isn’t music supposed to transport us to another world, help us access inexpressible feelings or save lives (we all know music saves lives. Don’t pretend otherwise!)?

Also: Isn’t music your ticket to fame and glory?

So, why on earth do you need to know Music Theory for any of this?

The truth is, you don’t need music theory to be a success in life. You can be perfectly happy never reading a single sheet of music.

But… you are still here. Reading this...

Why know Music Theory?
What is it good for?

The Gap

Most of us start out making music and soon notice a Gap. We are not where we want to be, yet. That’s put kindly. Bluntly, I’d say: In the beginning, our music simply sucks. 

Honestly, this gap can overwhelm people. Many become discouraged and simply give up on their dream. 

Some push through and realize something:

If they want to bridge this gap, they are going to need to get better. 

They are going to have to learn new tools.

Communicating with other musicians

musicians having fun together

Often, we become painfully aware of our lack of skill, when we start forming bands and playing with other musicians. 

Directly, the “musicians who can speak musician talk” camp becomes clear. They can effortlessly and easily communicate: 

“Yeah, two and a half measures in that’s a modulation from dminor to cmaj.” “Ok, cool, seeing as you were playing the bass note on 7 anyway, you can just stay there and establish the new tonal center.” “Yup.” 

*Insert Happy Smiles, Hi-Fives and other signs of Belonging*

While the others around them have no idea what those two were on about, my guess is, you’d like to be in on the secret. You’d like to be able to put your ideas across and also enjoy the mind puzzles that Music Theory offers.

The Magic of reading (music) is in understanding its meaning

You see, understanding Music Theory is like learning how to read and write.

As basic as that might sound to you now, don’t forget that learning how to read once was a really magical experience.

In the beginning when you learned to read, you had to go letter by letter. After a while you could recognize a “T” and an “O” and an “E”. But the big smile and the light in your eyes started shining when you put them together and realized they make the word “Toe”.

Music Theory is like that. It opens up an understanding of music you are currently missing out on.

Many of you reading this will already be able to read some musical notes. Like the kid recognizing the letter “T” in a book. Some might even recognize basic chords. But putting those notes into rhythms and chords and those chords into progressions that make sense and have meaning (read: not just reading the word “Toe”, but actually understanding the message of the whole story) – now that is something else entirely.

And without a strong, basic understanding of Music Theory, this whole world will never open up to you.

The brutal reality, why you need to know Music Theory for University

But there’s also an even more practical reason why some people simply need to know Music Theory:

Admission Exams.

For those fortunate enough to consider studying music at Uni, the reality soon hits home - hard:

You realize that you need to know so much Theory just to be admitted that you’re forgiven in asking “What on earth are they still going to teach me, if I already need to know all of this BEFORE I get to even START???”

And for some of your future fellow students this is already their starting point. They’ve already gone through years of conservatory training. Or learned it in school, or choir practice, or from their tuba teacher.

You guys are NOT all starting on a level playing field. If you haven't nailed your music theory, you will have to play catch-up from Day 1, even if you are admitted to study.

Trying to keep up!

Why other approaches fail - or might not suit you

Now, so far, this has all been - more or less - clear to you. And you are not alone.

So, how do most people in your situation tackle this issue?

Nowadays, the most common place to look for solutions is YouTube. And, as a YouTuber with over 390.000 subscribers, I am obviously Pro YouTube. 

And let me be completely honest and upfront: You can basically find EVERYTHING about Music Theory on YouTube. For free - well, kinda, at least. Sure, YouTube doesn’t charge you directly. But it has got two MAJOR disadvantages, which anyone who has tried to really Master a Topic consuming YouTube videos probably knows really well.

Why using YouTube to learn Music Theory will let you down

The incentives for creators are set up to keep eyeballs hooked. The aim of the game is to get clicks. That is how to get paid doing YouTube and only YouTube. 

That leads to loads of videos being made to get the click. 

So they are called “All you need to know about Music Theory”, “The only Video on Music Theory you will ever need to watch” or “Music Theory Masterclass” or something of the kind. And, most will *somewhat* deliver on what they promise, BUT… 

    1. 1. YouTube wants you to click the next video. 
      And during a technical, strenuous or simply boring part of such a “Masterclass”, what do we all do? Scroll to read the comments, check our other recommended videos, open that in a new tab and so on and so on. And guess what happens with your aim at Mastering Music Theory? Exactly…

    2. 2. No matter which video you will watch, no single video will be thorough enough to get you 100% prepared for going to Uni and nailing those entry exams. So, you need to pick and choose. And here, you run into a problem: Most videos will be repeating the same stuff over and over. So, how will you know what you are missing? And how do you structure your learning journey? Where do you start?

This is the problem I’ve been asked to solve by many budding musicians. People like you who also happen to love my work and said to me:

Can you please use your German scientific superpower logical approach and give me the supersolid Music Theory foundation I need to be competent and confident?” And I said “Sure,” because that’s just the kind of nice guy I am.

Here’s what you’ll learn!

This course is the only Music Theory course you'll need,
if you want to:

Nail your entrance exam

If you are looking to get admitted to University as a student and don't feel your Music Theory is up to par... Then have no more fear!

In this course we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know Music Theory-Wise to nail those entrance exams.

Be able to "speak musician" fluently

Learn the language us musicians speak amongst ourselves.

Yeah, it's a little technical, but it's actually a lot of fun.

You'll belong to an elite group of "Music Speaking Musicians"... And for us, it's a hidden superpower!

Build the Foundation for Your Ideas

Music theory is like learning how to read and write.

And-  guess what:  Successful authors usually know how to read and write.

Use this knowledge to build a solid foundation for your music!

Presenting: The Super Solid Music Theory Foundation YOU need to be competent and confident

Now, let me be upfront here. 

I have created something revolutionary. 

Something unique that only I have made and something you can’t get anywhere else. I have created a new approach to songwriting and a roadmap for you to follow so that your songs can compete with the very best in the world.

This isn't that.

What I was describing in the paragraph above is Holistic Songwriting Academy. HSA guides you in becoming a world-class-songwriter who can hold their own with the biggest in the business. It’s the alternative to going to University.

But here, I’m not talking about HSA. I’m talking about the only course on Music Theory you’ll ever need. 

Now, unlike HSA, this content is not unique. You can find this content in books and scattered throughout YouTube videos. 

Still, there is something unique about this that *only I* can offer you:

My style of teaching. If you happen to jive with my approach and want me as your teacher, then I have great news for you:

I have made the only course you will need to understand Music Theory.

After you have taken this course:

    1. ✔️ You will be ready for Uni. 

    2. ✔️ You will be able to communicate with other musicians effortlessly about musical ideas. 

    3. ✔️ You will gain a new way of perceiving, understanding and appreciating music - and so, lay the foundation to write music from a higher perspective.

But, what if... won’t work for me? ?

If you like my approach to teaching, you will enjoy this. I have only gotten better at coaching. You will notice. Furthermore, it will work for you. We will go through all the material you need to finally make Music Theory click in a way that is as hands-on as the topic allows. (Which is more hands-on than you might think.)

Oh, and, just in case, we have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can’t actually lose. You can simply give it a try and then see for yourself.

...I don’t have the time? ⌛

If you are going to use this course to get accepted at Uni, you will need to make time to study. This course is your study material (as it covers all the essentials and will bring them across in a way you can easily digest).

But of course, I don’t manage your schedule or calendar. All in all the course video material is about 4,5 hours long. But I have added exercises and bonuses, so all in all, it will take longer. Obviously, as this is an online and on-demand course, you can access it anytime. It will be there waiting for you, when you are ready!

All in all: If you say that finally understanding and really getting Music Theory is important to you... and you can’t invest half a quarter of a single Saturday to digest this material, well.... maybe reconsider how committed you really are to your dream of becoming a musician.

...isn’t Music Theory boring? ?

The rumors are not *completely* unfounded. But, honestly, no.

Music Theory is a tool that helps you gain access to music in a completely new way. Of course, it is a little strenuous learning a new skillset (think of the first time you played an instrument… it’s not like you were having a blast immediately), but once your knowledge starts growing, the more you can identify and understand, the more fun it becomes.

To me and some of my friends, nerd-talk about Music Theory stuff is a blast.

Gain confidence as a musician and start to master music theory

 this course will show you all the basics you need, 100% geek-free.


4.5 hours of music theory fundamentals

This course includes everything you need to start mastering music theory in your underwear (Friedemann does wear clothes during this course though, don't worry...). After this course, you'll have the tools to read and write music, to communicate with other musicians easily and - if you plan studying music at a University - you will know all the theory you need to rock your exams!


FUN Exercises

This course comes with practical, hands-on exercises. These are designed to be fun AND to deepen your understanding of the concepts learned - through

Ear Training, writing and reading notation, scales and chords.


Buy now, watch whenever
+ full refund if you're not happy

Got a question? We're right here. Just send an email to me@holistic-songwriting and we’ll help you out with any questions you may have with the program.
Don’t like the program? Let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Here's what you'll learn...

Master your 
music theory 

The fundamentals you need to level up:
read & write music, communicate with other musicians and nail your entrance exams .


Part I: Reading Rhythm
(Notation I)

We start off bang in the middle of things: Reading Rhythms. This is super fundamental and priceless to master. We start here and you will take action, clapping and transcribing rhythms  - with my help, of course. Don't worry, this is fun.


Part II: Reading Pitch
(Notation II)

After mastering rhythms, we move on to pitch. Adam's job in the garden of Eden was to give the animals their names - here you step in the footsteps of our common ancestor and, as a musician, give notes their names - including sharps and flats and all that good stuff.


Part III: Intervals

Understand, learn to read intervals and train recognizing them: both by ear and in musical notation. You are starting to turn pro...


Part IV: Scales

Construct scales with me: Both you understand how, then you apply this knowledge yourself - and cement these concepts in your mind.


Part V: Chords

Chords are fundamental to understand as a songwriter. Never be confused again, simply "get it" and take action in this module, where you'll learn how to craft simple and complex chords.


Part VI: Roman Numerals
(Harmony I) 

Now that you know how chords work, you'll learn how they work throughout a song: This is essential for any musician to understand. Here you learn how chords relate - and give them their "Roman Numerals" accordingly.


Part VII: Diatonic Harmony
(Harmony II) 

Here you'll learn how to make all the chords sound great together in every key. 


Part VIII: Modes

Modes give you more freedom to create more interesting melodies - and you also need to know them to talk to other musicians and nail your entrance exams. But, don't worry, by this point in the course, you'll grasp this - and use modes - very easily.

About The Course Teacher,
Friedemann Findeisen

Friedemann Findeisen (*1989, BMus) is a creator, songwriting coach and public speaker. After jumping onto the scene in 2015 with his best-selling book "The Addiction Formula", today he is best known for his YouTube channel "Holistic Songwriting" and the Artists Series, as well as Holistic Songwriting Academy and "The Songwriting Decks".

To this point, the YouTube channel has gathered over 390K subscribers and a total of 15M views, making it one of the biggest songwriting channels in the world. 

In his free time, he designs board games that tell stories, invents escape rooms and writes music. His 2020 debut album "Subface", which he released under his artist name "Canohead" has been labeled the "Album of the Year" by the Nu Metal scene.

Friedemann lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife Joanna and their cat Lyric.

This is what Songwriters say about 

the "Music Theory Course"...

The course I wish I had before I went to Uni

chris -


Before I started studying at Uni, I had next to zero Music Theory knowledge. I needed to catch up - quick. Well, it didn't happen quick, It was a struggle, reading many books and putting together random YouTube videos. This course is EXACTLY what I'd have wanted then. Great stuff!

And this is what they say about Holistic Songwriting...

taught me that I too can find my own voice with confidence

Weslay hibberd - writer

Having failed many times at writing a song I am happy with I have found that perseverance and sound guidance from Friedemann has reconfigured my approach and led me to achieve results I love. I enjoy the songwriting process, and Friedemann has taught me that the methods adopted by many great songwriters I admire are not transcendent and I too can find my own voice with confidence. Friedemann inspired me to use songwriting methods as tools rather than blueprints to communicate mine.

opened a new world for me

steve b -


Friedemann opened a new world for me with his approach to songwriting and singing the initial lyrics. Skeptical at first, not really a singer. I tried it and was amazed at the increased production and improvement in my songs. And, many of his tools are also very helpful and time savers too. Now the band is heading to the studio to record enough for a first EP. I couldn't have done it without his guidance.

helped me expand beyong being a rap artist

moreno muanza -


I started rapping when I was fourteen and today I'm twenty one. I left College 2-3 years ago to pursue music full time. I had the confidence and vision to become a professional artist but there were skills and information I KNEW I was missing. I read every and any songwriting book I can get my hands on and any music theory book I can find. I've been going to music conventions for years... to become a professional,  I knew I needed guidance or a coach. Holistic Songwriting helped me expand beyond being a rap artist. I studied and bought every product holistic songwriting has ever created. My testimonial for holistic songwriting is me releasing three EP'S and one twelve song mixtape. Holistic songwriting gave me the perspective and creativity to make four musical projects & SIX music video's. My goal is to be a platinum selling artist and I know holistic songwriting can make me that Artist.

changed my life and it's thanks to your education

asia ward -


My name is Asia Ward and I graduated last May with a degree in musical theatre, but nowadays, I produce, write, and sing songs for myself and other people. The only way that transition was possible was because of your courses. I started making music for fun after musical theatre didn't work out, but had no direction on where to start. With your guidance, my older songs were selected to win a slot in Tayla Parx's songwriting/production camp in NYC with people like Tommy Brown, Sarah Hudson, Ali Thompson, Normani, and more were in attendance. It changed my life and it's thanks to your education. You are able to break down giant ideas into a language I understand.

my single has gained over 500K streams

eric ryan -

recording artist

Once I found your videos on youtube & purchased your audiobook, it taught me a variety of tools that I could use to formulate/create the structures of my songs... Some of which now have over hundreds of thousands of streams across my platforms! 

I love the way you break knowledge/music concepts down to level where "music theory" isn't needed to understand. The way you teach these concepts are in a fun/easy to take in sort of way if that makes sense... I see you as like the "cool/fun" teacher that everyone had in school. 

Thanks to holistic songwriting, the tools I learned helped me structure & arrange all of my music including my single „Soleil“ which has gained over 500K streams/plays across all my platforms combined!!

broke me out of the box I was in for 20 years

ehrich weiss -


I'm a hobbyist songwriter and musician of over 30 years looking to improve my skills in writing lyrics, melody and rhythms for my songs. Holistic Songwriting has broken me out of the little box I had been occupying in my musical journey and given me a new direction for my ideas, and especially one I've had for almost 20 years but was going nowhere.


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Is this course self-paced? / When does it start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days through me[at], and we will give you a full refund.

When do I get access to my course?

No matter which payment plan you choose, you get immediate access to all classes.

Do I need any prior knowledge for this course?

No. None. All you need prior is the will to learn this and you'll knock this out of the park!

"If I have a question about something in the course, can I contact Holistic Songwriting?"

Yes, you're more than welcome to ask us whatever you want, course related or not at me[at] (replace "[at]" with "@").

Do I need to own any equipment going into this course?

No. Everything you need will be explained in the course. 

How technical is this course? Can I do this?

Yes. Everything technical is explained in the course, and it is definitely not difficult. If Mozart can do it, so can you. ?

Why should I want to learn music theory?

Oh gosh, a thousand reasons. Here’s just some of the most important ones:

• You learn to read and write music.
• All of written music will open up to you - giving you an endless source of inspiration.
• You learn to communicate with other musicians. This is one skill that sets pros apart from amateurs.
• You will be more confident. Competence leads to natural confidence and starting to master music theory is an Investment into your competence.
• If you want to study music deeply - either with us at HSA or at a regular University - this is what we work with.
• If you want to nail your entrance exam at University, you will need to know this level of music theory
• It’s fun!

Get started now for just



NOTE: this course is included as a free bonus if you enroll in Holistic Songwriting Academy.

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