Introducing: Geek-Free Music Production

Wanna know what you're getting yourself into? Watch this:

  • 9.4 Hours of Music Production Videos

    This course includes everything you need to start producing your own music in your underwear. It’ll tell you what to buy, how to use the software, how to write, how to mix and how to use compression, EQs, reverb, etc.

  • A TON of Bonus Material

    This course comes with 49 Videos, 10 PDFs, several Downloads, Cheat Sheets for Shortcuts, Wish Lists (for recommendations on what to buy), Exercises, and PDFs with some more in-depth information on everything you need to know about Microphones.

  • Full Email Support + 30 Day Guarantee

    Got a question? I’m right here. Just send an email to me@holistic-songwriting and I’ll help you out with any questions you may have with the program. Don’t like the program? Let me know within 30 days and I’ll happily give you a refund.

Make today the last day you ever pay for a producer:

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The Main Course: All The Basics

In the first 3.5 hours of this course, we talk about how to build a professional home studio for cheap. Not sure which microphone, DAW, plugins or samples to get? This will help.

We also go over how the DAW "Logic Pro X" works. This is mac-only software, but the principles apply to other software as well (just the shortcuts are different).

Then, we go over how to record and edit Audio and MIDI like a professional.

In other words, this first part is for anyone who's never used a DAW before - after this, you'll know the software inside out. You do NOT need any prior knowledge to get started. 

+ MEGA UPDATE #1: Understanding Sound & the EQ

In this first 2h+ update, we go through how sound works and what implications this has on music production and equalizing in particular.

+ MEGA UPDATE #2: Compression & Routing

In Update #2, we talk about Compression. In 2h+, we go through Compression and then tackle advanced techniques such as routing through buses and auxiliaries.

+ MEGA UPDATE #3: Flexing, Mixing & Reverb

Update #3 brings another 2h+ of bonus content in the shape of mixing advice. Flexing, Automation and External Mapping are just some of the (very cool) things we'll talk about.

+ MEGA UPDATE #4: Writing with a DAW (coming soon)

In this last update for the course, we'll talk about how to get creative. Writing in a DAW is an immensely creative process, but it's quite different from writing on an instrument. I'll show you where those differences lie and how to get the most out of your writing.

  • Real-Life, Workable Techniques

    I won’t show you everything Logic has to offer. I’d much rather show you the handful of things I use every day that YOU will be using every day.

  • Specifically designed for Technophobes

    Music Production is NOT difficult. You CAN learn this, whoever you are or whatever your background. You don’t have to be well educated or tech savvy to do this. If I can do it, so can you!

  • It's NOT dry... I promise!

    You know what I do on YouTube and that entertainment is an important part of that. You won’t just be sitting there absorbing information. I’ll make sure you get enough exercises to stay engaged and have fun.

What students are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior knowledge for this course?

No. You don’t even need to know what a DAW is. You don’t need to be able to play an instrument, you don’t need to know music theory, you don’t even need to be a songwriter to get started.

Do I need to own any equipment going into this course?

No. Everything you need will be explained in the course. An Apple Computer (MacBook, iMac, etc) is recommended, but not necessary.

How technical is this course? Can I do this?

Yes. Everything technical is explained in the course, and it is definitely not difficult. If Kanye can do it, so can you. 😀

Why should I want to learn how to produce my own songs?

Oh gosh, a thousand reasons. Here’s just some of the most important ones:

• You choose your sound.
• You’re independent from others.
• You’re spending way less money on recordings.
• You choose your sound. Yes, it’s that important.
• You can make finished songs people can listen to all by yourself.
• It’s kind of a requirement in the modern industry for songwriters to be able to produce their own songs. If you want to write 100+ songs a year you do NOT want to pay someone else $500+ per song to produce them all.
• You’ll become a better musician. Recording yourself means you can check your timing, sound and pitch quickly and easily.
• You’ll be able to give better feedback if you ever work with another producer. Knowing how mixing works definitely helps in communicating with a mixing engineer.
• It’s fun!
• It’s endlessly creative. Ask anyone.

Can I enroll now and watch this later?

Yes. As soon as you enroll you’ll have access to all of the videos – you decide when you want to watch them. As long as there is internet you will have access.

Something I wanted to know about wasn't covered. What can I do?

Just ask. Send me an email and I’ll help you out. I might even make a video out of your question if the answer is interesting enough to everyone.

The course wasn't for me. Can I get a refund?

Probably. As long as you let me know within 30 days after purchase (make that 25 days to be safe!) I am able to give you a refund – after that it’s out of my control since I’m not handling the payment myself. Teachable, the video hosting platform does.

How long will it take me to produce my first songs?

It depends, obviously. You’ll be recording and mixing within hours. It might be a while before you record anything that sounds good though. That is entirely dependent on you. Some of my most obsessed students deliver really pretty good productions after their first week, others take a month. But rest assured: By the end of the course you will be able to produce good sounding demos.

Do I need a Mac or Logic Pro X for this?

I do recommend it, yes. Logic is the software we’ll be working with and that only runs on Mac. However, if you already own a DAW and you just want to know about Compression, EQing, Routing, Mixing, Writing in a DAW, etc – so anything other than the basics of the DAW, this course still offers a lot of insights you can use in whatever DAW you use.

Make today the last day you ever pay for a producer:

▶▶ Too expensive? Pay half now, the other half next month. Go here.