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Go from „good“ to „great“ by developing the skills of the world’s top songwriters - and gain an instant edge in the music industry.

This will save you two decades of hard work, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Holistic Songwriting Academy is an online course that gives you the tools you need to crack the mental blocks that have been holding you back for years.

This is specific - every lesson comes with definitions, examples and exceptions. 

This is practical - if you’ve already tried the treadmill of random songwriting apps and hacks, and you want to go beyond symptoms to focus on what truly works, Holistic Songwriting Academy gives you the precise, actionable steps to not just improve, but take full control of your songwriting. 


Become a Max Martin level songwriter, producer and arranger.

Whether your idols are John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Corey Taylor, Beyonce, Dave Grohl, Billie Eilish, Timbaland, Taylor Swift or Ryan Tedder - I will show you how to take any song from good to great - you will HEAR and FEEL the difference - regardless of the style!


Write life-changing music that moves listeners to (happy) tears.

Write music that people not just WANT to listen to, write music that is downright ADDICTIVE.


Prep for the big leagues and write music that sells.

Great music doesn't just market itself, it attracts other creative minds. Learn what it takes to write songs that sell, and how to write for other artists and producers.


Turn those unfinished ideas into finished songs anywhere, anytime.

Holistic Songwriting Accademy is the ONLY course in the world that gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step formulas to follow to take your unique idea to finished song in just a matter of hours.

Holistic songwriting academy

This is Melodic Math.

This is the Hit Song Formula. This is Songwriting Science.

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