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Most Widely Used Formula

The Addiction Formula is designed to captivate your audience and guide their attention through your songs. With the techniques outlined in this book you will be able to turn any song into an audience magnet that is extremely compelling to listen to and hard to turn off.

Gamify Your Songwriting with

The Songwriting Decks

Need inspiration? Want to train for the music business but don't know how? Want to challenge yourself? The Songwriting Decks are your answer: In 5 decks (Harmony, Melody, Lyrics, Rhythm and Structure), you're getting about 60 Quintillion hand-selected ideas for a small buck.

See Beyond

the Matrix of Songwriting

What if you had control over a set of psychological triggers that directly make your fans listen, daydream, move and feel? What if you had the BLUEPRINT for songwriting that showed you how to write the PERFECT song over and over again? What if you never got stuck writing songs? What if you could just write in CONSTANT FLOW, if you always knew what to do next?

What Songwriters are Saying

obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios

joshua starkey


Holistic Songwriting helped change the course of my life. I've always loved playing music, as a drummer. I liked the idea of writing songs, but I just couldn't grasp a lot of the concepts.

But your YouTube channel, Podcasts, and Bundles have expanded my knowledge to the point where I obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios - The Grove.

I get to work with amazing Australian artists like Violent Soho, Birds of Tokyo, The Dune Rats, Ocean Alley and so many more.

I recommend you to anyone I know who has an interest in music, 10/10.

it's a fun and rewarding puzzle to put together

Jessica manske -

dj / songwriter / producer

I am a DJ and turning into a songwriter/ producer.  I love how Friedemann gives the breakdown of popular artists and their formula both on YouTube and in his book. He puts everything together in an enjoyable way so that songwriting isn't a complicated chore, it's a fun and rewarding puzzle to put together.  He helps you exercise that creative muscle and also borrow themes from pop music so that you can make your own songs and be proud of them! I love how he focuses on the groove and simplifies topics that could be daunting to beginning songwriters with no formal music training

taught me that I too can find my own voice with confidence

Weslay hibberd - writer

Having failed many times at writing a song I am happy with I have found that perseverance and sound guidance from Friedemann has reconfigured my approach and led me to achieve results I love. I enjoy the songwriting process, and Friedemann has taught me that the methods adopted by many great songwriters I admire are not transcendent and I too can find my own voice with confidence. Friedemann inspired me to use songwriting methods as tools rather than blueprints to communicate mine.

I see the matrix now

john toelaer - 


The addiction formula has changed not only the way that I produce music and think about music, but also the way that I perceive and experience it. After reading, it was like the first time someone points out a bass guitar part and your eyes/ears are opened, except on a much larger scale. I see the matrix now. 

my single has gained over 500K streams

eric ryan -

recording artist

Once I found your videos on youtube & purchased your audiobook, it taught me a variety of tools that I could use to formulate/create the structures of my songs... Some of which now have over hundreds of thousands of streams across my platforms! 

I love the way you break knowledge/music concepts down to level where "music theory" isn't needed to understand. The way you teach these concepts are in a fun/easy to take in sort of way if that makes sense... I see you as like the "cool/fun" teacher that everyone had in school. 

Thanks to holistic songwriting, the tools I learned helped me structure & arrange all of my music including my single „Soleil“ which has gained over 500K streams/plays across all my platforms combined!!

changed my life and it's thanks to your education

asia ward -


My name is Asia Ward and I graduated last May with a degree in musical theatre, but nowadays, I produce, write, and sing songs for myself and other people. The only way that transition was possible was because of your courses. I started making music for fun after musical theatre didn't work out, but had no direction on where to start. With your guidance, my older songs were selected to win a slot in Tayla Parx's songwriting/production camp in NYC with people like Tommy Brown, Sarah Hudson, Ali Thompson, Normani, and more were in attendance. It changed my life and it's thanks to your education. You are able to break down giant ideas into a language I understand.

any time a song of mine moved someone, it's because of these insights

heitor Leal Farnese 


I'm a hobbyist that aspires to earn money through music in the long run, and Friedemann is, in every sense, a great companion to have in this journey. I think any time a song of mine moved someone, I owe that to Friedemann and his insights on hype and tension. He's fun, very intelligent, friendly and has a nerd soul. This is the type of teacher that is never entirely satisfied with just showing you examples of what works and what doesn't. He goes the extra mile in order to figure out and teach you the underlying rules that allow things to work.


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